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Do you enjoy raking your own leaves, but hate trying to get them in bags or hauled to the dump? If so, our
curb-side leaf removal service is for you!

How our service works:

Schedule a leaf removal pickup date and time.
Prior to your date and time, rake all your leafs to the curb.
On your scheduled day and time, our curb-side leaf removal truck will come and pick your leaves up!

Curb-Side Leaf Removal Guidelines:

Garibay Lawn Care & Landscape trucks are equipped with a side mount vacuum that is designed to pull
alongside a long row of leaves. We ask residents to please rake leaves into a pile along the curb (at
edge of the lawn) that is as long and narrow as possible. The machines can reach 8 feet into the yard so
leaves beyond 8 feet may not be removed.

Leaves should be raked up to the edge of the lawn as noted above. It is very important that you DO
NOT rake leaves into the street or gutter and DO NOT block the sidewalk.
Leaves only please! Remove any sticks, rocks, trash, and other debris from the leaves to be collected.
Do not block the leaves with vehicles on collection day.